Sunday, 19 September 2010

Hanging Hearts

A new design that I'm quite excited about, three hearts of different sizes strung together with plastic coated wire. The 'LOVE' print is a stamp I bought from Lisa & Jo, available at the I Heart Market. The hanging hearts 'mobile' are about 30cm long, hand-made from porcelain and hand glazed.


  1. please keep the green one for me! so so beautiful!!

  2. yay for me ! cant wait!!! p.s when are you going to open an etsy shop?

  3. I know I know, I should... but I'm finding there's not enough hours in the day. Between teaching, marking, token stuff and still trying to make some artworks, I can't seem to get time for all the other stuff like setting up a website, updating the blogs and oh, setting up an etsy shop. I feel so unorganised!!!