Monday, 3 December 2012

Polygonal Musings


A while back I made these angled dishes but had no idea what to do with the surface. After many hours of browsing Pinterest and design blogs (yes, it's so much hard work), I was inspired by the current geometric trend - it's every where and I'm really liking it :)

So, armed with a roll of masking tape, a pair of scissors, my latest underglaze brights and the bowls; these are the result of my little experiment. And I must say, I think the bright colours and the bowl form work really well together, just in time for a festive summer?

Hope you like them too. These will be exclusively available at the I Heart Market on the 8th and 15th December. See you there.

Friday, 31 August 2012

Once in a blue moon

So I haven't blogged in a long while, and since it's a blue moon tonight I thought maybe this is the time to finally get round to it. Lol. It's been a very busy year, I've been developing some new products such as the ones you see below. The Token range has come a long way since 2008 at the very first I Heart Market.

Over the last year or so, I've introduced small little dishes - the heart-shaped, tulip-shaped, lace imprinted bowls and small pie-dishes. Each one is hand-made and hand-glazed by myself. Recently, I've sought to expand that range to include these two new designs.

These little dishes are slip-cast in white stoneware and impressed with stamp details, and some have been hand-drawn into the clay. So each piece is unique.

I'm totally loving the new colour glazes I've introduced: the rich coral, acid chartreuse, light turquoise, lemon yellow and a new denim blue.The flower stamped bowls have a lovely muted matte glaze on the outside which really contrasts wonderfully with vibrant  shine of the inside colours


Those of you that are regulars at my stall at the I Heart Market have probably noticed these little plates below. These are the perfect size to use as a soup dish, teabag holder, spoon rest or just for popping your jewellery into at bedtime. Each has a contrasting glaze on the back too.


Well, that's it from me, hopefully it won't be another blue moon until I update my blog.
Here's a quick snap I took of a orange blue moon over Durban tonight. See you at the market!

Friday, 4 May 2012

market fun


Here's a couple of photos of my stand and goodies at the last few markets. I'll be introducing some new designs over the next few I Heart Markets, but this month I've been concentrating on other projects so there will only be a few newbies to show.
Hope to see you there tomorrow. 


Thursday, 5 April 2012

new earrings

I’ve had such a busy year so far, this is my first blog post this year. With lecturing an extra day a week, I’m finding less and less time to do the little things, except maybe my Pinterest addiction (follow me here). I’ve also participated in the “All Fired Up” ceramics exhibition, still on at the Durban Art Gallery until April 24th. So January and most of February was taken up by frantically making work for the show. I guess I need to work on my time management skills!

Here are some photos of Token’s new earring stock I have just completed. They are available at Mooi, in Glenwood, and at the I Heart Market. All earrings are hand-made in porcelain, high-fired and painstakingly glazed (they are so fussy to glaze). So each pair has its own, unique character.
I've included some new glaze colours that are fresh and versatile.
And, of course, all earrings have sterling silver pins and push-ons (um, ‘butterflies’ to the rest of us in SA).
Hope to see you at the I Heart Market this Saturday, 7th April from 9 till 2pm at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban.
porcelain - small daisy round earrings
porcelain - various small daisy round earrings
porcelain - red, turquoise and charcoal round earrings
porcelain - red, turquoise and pale grey bird earrings
porcelain - black, bluebell and pink target round earrings
porcelain - various round earrings
porcelain - large pink, white and bluebell heart earrings
porcelain - large heart earrings

porcelain - small peacock heart earrings
porcelain - small heart earrings
porcelain - small mint star earrings 
porcelain - large star earrings
porcelain - various star earrings