Friday, 5 August 2011

porcelain hair pins

Flower porcelain hair barrettes with cross-stitch detail in embroidery cotton
I've been working on these for a while... I wasn't sure how to attach the delicate porcelain onto the metal hair barrette without scratching or damaging the porcelain. I decided to sew them onto a felt backing with an extra loop for the barrette. This allows one to change the barrette to any other clip you like. It can even slide onto a narrow alice-band.

detail of felt on the back of the flower barrette

 heart-shaped porcelain hait barrettes with embroidery cotton detail

I think they turned out quite well. I used embroidery cotton for the cross-stitch and stitch detail. These little porcelain hair-pins and some other new goodies will be found on the Token table tomorrow at the I Heart Market. Hope to see you there!

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